Luceat POF Flamabilit Tests
Posted October 12, 2004

As regards the flammability tests, what we've seen until now is that:

  1. A bare POF fibre is highly flammable. Flames propagate quickly and are supported by PMMA. The fibre is devoured by flames in seconds.
  2. A POF cable with a standard jacket (i.e. PE) is partially flammable. The jacket slows the propagation of flames, although it can't stop them. At the end of the test, the cable has been completely destroyed by flames, but the processis far slower than with a bare POF.
  3. A POF cable with a non-flammable jacket (i.e. Dupont's FEP) is non
    flammable, and passes flammability tests made in accordance with European specifications CEI 20-22. At the end of the test the cable is still functioning properly, although the external jacket has been partially damaged by flames.

The results we obtained seems rather obvious. They show that with a proper jacketing material POF is a perfectly safe medium, and could be used in airplanes as well.

Still, the aviation industry is rather paranoic about flammability, and may
be unwilling to accept some kgs of flammable material in a plane.
I don't see why, since a Boeing 737-800 at take off is flammable for 30% of its weigth (62 tons, 21 of which are cherosene); maybe I'm missing something here...

Or maybe it's a problem of marketing again, and technical issues have
nothing to do with it!