Photonics Briefings Series

POFWorld 2004 Largest Yet!
June 28, 2004

POFWorld 2004 was the largest POFWorld event to date. Over 150 attendees were treated to an information packed program on POF in Autos, POF in Home networking, POF and 1394, POF Standards, applications, and markets. Exhibits featured hands on demonstrations of connectorization by PM Manufacturing.

Tutorials included POF Market overview, 1394 and POF, POF in Automobiles, and an Installers workshop." In-house versions of these tutorials are being offered to companies already in or planning to enter the POF field. Copies of the conference proceedings and tutorial notes are available from IGI.
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A high light of the meeting was a paper by Chromis, a new start up which is a spin out of OFS Laboratories lead by Lee Blyler and Whitney White. they claim to have fiber available by this Fall and will be a plastic fiber supplier only.
Another highlight was a series of presentations by members of the 1394TA on the use of 1394 for Home Networking. the 1394TA is mounting a serious campaign to promote POF in Home wiring.

At the POFTO Board meeting held in conjunction with the conference, it was decided to hold a "POF For Automobile Day" in Detroit sometime this Fall. A second decision by the Board of Directors was to develop a set of POF Standards which could be used by standards bodies, users, specifiers, and others. This effort will be spearheaded by Arlan Stehney, Richard Beach and Paul Mulligan. All other Standards activities will be put on hold until a standards plan is developed.

POFTO will be sponsoring a booth at CEDIA this year, Sept 6-10 in Indianapolis as well as at CES in Las Vegas.