POFTO Booth at CES Draws Crowd
Posted January 27, 2006

The POFTO booth at CES 2006 was cram packed with POF information, equipment and demonstrations. The highlight of the booth was Home Fibre's POF home wiring system which was demonstrating 100Mbps over 50 meters of step Index POF. As part of the demo were media converters, wall outlets, cables, and the new SMI connector.
Booth participants included:

  • Home Fibre
  • Mitsubishi International
  • FiberFin
  • 1394 Trade Association
  • Electronic Links International
  • Information Gatekeepers, Inc.

The CES just keeps getting bigger and bigger making it getting around slower and slower. Despite the focus of the show on   consumer Electronics, there was , as with other shows, interest in POF data solutions and POF Lighting. Lumenyte International provided a unique sign which was a big eye catcher for those passing the booth and who saw it at some distance. As an example on the data side, there was interest in POF Interconnects for Supercomputers. What it tells us is that that at any show , there will always be a fraction of the attendees with broader interests than the focus of the show and this small group may make it worthwhile to participate in a POFTO booth.

POFTO has added a new eye catching sign which was used for a part of the show and was quite effective. POFTO will continue to develop the signage as a way to attract people to the booth.

The 1394 Trade Association picked up a small company member as a result of participating in the POFTO booth. The 1394 TA had an attractive promotional package with an article on POF. POFTO will continue to work with the 1394 TA since the interests are so closely aligned.

Other events planned by POFTO in 2006 include: OFC/NFOEC 2006, PO World, CEDIA, IWCS.