Photonics Briefings Series

Novel Manufacturing Method of Graded Index Copolymer Optical Fiber Preform and Its Characteristic Abstractcs
May 1, 2003

Paper Abstract From:
International Wire & Cable Symposium

In order to overcome a volume shrinkage problem of bulk radical polymerization of an acrilic monomer during the manufacturing of a reform with a gradient of refractive index for PMMA based graded-index polymer fuber we design a novel cylindrical reactor with a three dimensional structure which can prevrnt the vacancy due to the vlume shrinkage from propagating into the main reaction part of the reactor and several monomer-feeding routes, we can successfully fabricate a large sized graded-index preform. Especially, it is neddled to adopt an additional monomer charging process by which the possiblity of contamination is increased considerably.

Jin-Sung Choi, Hansoi Cho, Mu-Gyeom Kim, Byoung-Joo Ra, Joon-Yong Park, JinTaek Hwang, Jae-Geon Park, Seung-Hui Lee*, Moon-Hyun Do*, Jin-Han Kim, Eun-Gon Lee**, Seung-Han Park**, and O-Ok Park

E-polymer Laboratory, Samung Advanced Insitute of Technology
P.o. Box 111, Suwn 440-600, Korea

* R&D Group 1, Fiber/Cable PLC Team, Fiberoptics Div., Telecommunication Network Business, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD., #94-1, Imsoo-Dong, Gumi-City, Gyung-buk-Do 730-350 Korea
**Physics Department, Yonsei University 134 Shincong-Dong, Sedaemon-Gu, Seoul 120-749, Korea
** Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 373-1, Kusong-Dong, Yusong-Gu 305-380, Deajon, Korea

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J.S. Choi,
H. Cho,
M.G. Kim,
B.J. Ra,
J.Y. Park,
J.T. Hwang,
J.G. Park,
S.H Lee,
M.H. Do,
J.H. Kim,
E.G. Lee,
S.H. Park,
O.O. Park,