Two New POF Books Now Available from Information Gatekeepers, Inc.
Posted December 17, 2007 ormation Gatekeepers, Inc.

Information Gatekeepers Inc. has two new plastic optical fiber related publications available for order:

POF Handbook - Optical Short Range Transmission Systems

Olaf Ziemann, Juergen Krauser, Peter E. Zamzow, Werner Daum

Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres                 
Maryanne Large, C. Poladian, L. Barton and G. Eijkelenborg

POF Handbook - Optical Short Range Transmission Systems is the second edition of the widely popular POF Polymer Optical Fibres for Data Communications. The updated version has grown by 50% to 914 pages and includes 1070 color illustrations. It should be a standard reference for anyone working in the POF business and for those thinking of using POF.

Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibrese by Maryanne Large and colleagues at the Optical Fibre Technology Centre at the University of Sydney is the first authoritative book on the subject. Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres describes the optical properties of microstructured fibres and how they are made and modelled, and outlines some potential applications. These applications include areas where polymer fibres are already used, such as high-data transmission for Fibre-to-the-Home or within cars, as well as completely new areas such as the photonic bandgap transmission of “difficult” wavelengths. Emphasizing a conceptual understanding of the underlying physics, Microstructured Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres is clearly written and includes numerous illustrations. It provides an excellent overview of the latest developments in the field, making them accessible to industry, technical, and research audiences.

Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres is now available, and the POF Handbook - Optical Short Range Transmission Systems will be shipping in late February 2008.

To order one or both books, please follow these links:

Order POF Handbook - Optical Short Range Transmission Systems

Order Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres

Di Moto First to Launch Complete Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fibre Product Range
Posted November 29, 2007

End-to-end Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre is now available for industrial, office and home networks around the globe.

Australian company, Di Moto Pty Ltd, has today launched its Connect product range, which will provide industrial and residential ethernet users with the world’s first end-to-end Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibre (EoPOF) networking solution.

The flagship product range comprises EoPOF PCI cards, 1 and 2 port media converters, 4 and 8 port switches, and USB adapters. POF cable and other accessories complete the suite of products.

All products simply plug into POF cable using the OptolockTM connectorless system. The plug and play design provides instant connection to proven fast Ethernet of 100Mbps over Plastic Optical Fibre.

Di Moto’s suite of ‘desktop’ products for the residential market come in fashionable ‘bright white’, connecting home and office networking devices to the benefits of plastic optical fibre:

  • The easy-to-install EoPOF PCI Card is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows and MAC.

  • The USB Adapter is a plug and play device with zero configuration, supporting powerful performance up to 200Mbps for all current and future Triple Play services.

  • The compact 4 and 8 Port Switches connect up to 4 or 8 Ethernet devices such as routers, PCs, servers, printers and modems.

  • The 1 and 2 Port Media Converters have dual fibre support, which allows daisy-chaining of devices to extend the user’s high bandwidth network.

Read full press release | Download product brochure

Firecomms Signs Representative Agreements with Sylvester Sales Associates and WaveLink Associates to Expand Business in the U.S.
Posted November 20, 2007

Austin, TexasNovember 19, 2007 - Firecomms Ltd., a leading developed of high speed Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) transceivers and Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs), today announces that it has signed U.S. representative agreements with Sylvester Sales Associates of New Jersey for the New York Metro area and WaveLink Associates of Florida for the Southeast. Both firms in their respective regions will market and sell Firecomms’ full range of plastic fiber optic transceiver (POF) products which are rapidly being adopted by developers of equipment for the consumer electronics, industrial and automotive networks worldwide.

"Firecomms is pleased to welcome the addition of Sylvester Sales Associates and WaveLink Associates to the Firecomms’ sales team in the U.S.,” says Firecomms’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the Americas, Lawrence Thorne. "We look to forward to working with these firms to leverage their regional business presence to enable our U.S. customers to take advantage of our groundbreaking products.”

Read full press release

Firecomms Unveils the First S800 Media Converter Capable of Driving Visible Red Light over POF
Posted November 14, 2007

Taipei, Taiwan?November 13, 2007?Firecomms today at the Quarterly Meeting of the 1394 Trade Association unveiled a reference design for the first integrated media converters capable of driving 1394 S800 signals using visible red light over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) home networks. Supporting data rates of up to one Gbps, the media converters enable applications such as the transfer of S800 video over 1394.

Fitted with OptoLockTM, a plugless interconnect that allows for quick connection of bare POF, the media converters accept IEEE 1394 a/b electrical signals from any standard- compliant 1394 device over a nine-pin bilingual copper port. The signal is converted and repeated optically over POF. The repeated optical signal is received by a POF port integrated in a device, or an identical converter unit which converts the optical signal back to electrical output at its copper port.

Read full press release

Digital Transmission Content Protection on MOST for Secure Transmission of DVD Audio, DVD Video, HD-DVD and Blu-ray Content
Posted October 18, 2007

Karlsruhe (Germany) October 2007 - The MOST Cooperation, the organization through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized, presents Digital Transmission Content Protection on MOST. MOST Cooperation has optimized the MOST network for high quality video streaming - MOST150 enables direct isochronous transport of e.g., MPEG video streams without bit-stuffing or transcoding. The MOST standard supports approved content protection schemes and therefore enables digital transmission of DVD Audio, DVD Video, HD-DVD and Blu-ray content.

Digital Transmission Content Protection

With the integration of DVD Audio and DVD Video into digital networks, the requirement for content protection comes into place. DVD content on a digital network must be DTCP (Digital Transmission Content Protection) protected. MOST was the first network to be fully approved by the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) to carry DTCP protected content. This was made possible by adapting DTCP to the MOST standard. By doing so, also HD-DVD and Blu-ray content on MOST is supported since AACS (Advanced Access Content System) licensing allows digital outputs which are protected using DTCP.

DTCP requires source and sink devices to authenticate each other. In addition, there is a need to encrypt multimedia streaming data before sending it over a digital network. A sink device therefore has to be able to decrypt protected digital content. DTCP on MOST also supports point-to-multipoint connections.

Isochronous Transport and DTCP on MOST150

With MOST150, the integration of DVD applications into vehicles is no longer an issue - even when streaming the full-quality equivalent bandwidth. In addition to much higher bandwidth MOST150 offers an isochronous channel to support streams which are not synchronized to the MOST frame rate - bit-stuffing or transcoding are no longer necessary. Like with MOST25 and MOST50, application developers can take advantage of secure pipes for transferring sensitive content. DTCP solutions for MOST are available in hardware as well as in software from various suppliers.

MOST Cooperation

MOST150 Enables Efficient Transport of Video Streams and IP-Based Packet Data
Posted October 17, 2007

MOST Cooperation Introduces the Next Generation Infotainment Backbone

Karlsruhe (Germany) October 2007 - The MOST Cooperation, the organization through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized, presents MOST150 offering a bandwidth of 150 Mbps. In addition to higher bandwidth, MOST150 features an isochronous transport mechanism to support extensive video applications, as well as an Ethernet channel for efficient transport of IP-based packet data.

With MOST audio and video signals can be transported with high bandwidth efficiency and without any overhead for addressing collision detection/recovery or broadcast. This way MOST150 offers capacity that packet-switched networks can only achieve with much higher gross bandwidth. Consequently multiple high-definition (HD) video streams and multi-channel surround sound with premium quality of service can be transmitted, while simultaneously moving high loads of packet data around.

MOST150 - The Multi-Channel Network

Like MOST25 and MOST50, MOST150 offers the well known channels for synchronous, packet and control data - but in addition it offers also two new channels: an Ethernet channel and an isochronous channel. The Ethernet channel can transport unmodified Ethernet frames. This permits software stacks and applications from the consumer and IT domain, where the speed of innovation is much faster, to be seamlessly migrated into the car. TCP/IP stacks or protocols utilizing TCP/IP can communicate via MOST150 without any modification. This way MOST150 is the automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet in the car. In addition MOST150 offers an isochronous channel to support streams which are not synchronized to the MOST frame rate. A typical use-case is the transport of MPEG streams over a MOST network since MPEG streams generally use variable bit-rate. This new MOST feature enables extensive video applications.

MOST150 also adds significant enhancements to the control channel (which is used for real-time control of devices) by doubling the bandwidth in comparison to MOST25.

Physical Layer

MOST150 allows carmakers to continue to use POF and LEDs as light sources. They can continue to use their established optical wire harness and assembly processes which makes the transition to higher bandwidth networking with MOST150 a smooth evolution.

MOST Cooperation

MOST Cooperation Steering Committee Welcomes Commitment of Harman/Becker and SMSC to Open Data Link Layer of MOST
Posted October 8, 2007

Karlsruhe (Germany) 2nd October 2007 - The Steering Committee of MOST Cooperation, the cooperative established to promote the infotainment network standard known as Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST(r)), and whose membership consists of Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Harman/Becker and SMSC (Nasdaq: SMSC), has announced today that it welcomes and embraces the decision by Harman/Becker Automotive Systems and SMSC to open the details of their proprietary Data Link Layer for new and current generations of the MOST multimedia network.

In a press release on October 1st, SMSC and Harman/Becker announced their intention to make their detailed Data Link Layer technology for existing and future generations of MOST available via a royalty bearing license in a step-wise process linked to market growth. They also announced that a detailed Data Link Layer specification for the first generation, MOST25, has already been made available and can be requested on SMSC's website by members of the MOST Cooperation. A license agreement to the related patents of both companies can be requested via the same webpage. For the full press release, please see

The car maker members of the Steering Committee, Audi, BMW and DaimlerChrysler, endorse the opening of the MOST Data Link Layer. This opening step gives all members of the MOST Cooperation the opportunity to design interoperable MOST chips and will push a further adoption of MOST. On the other hand, they honor innovation. This is why they also endorse Harman/Becker and SMSC's plan to license their proprietary data link layer on commercially reasonable terms. This model is similar to what CAN has done for many years and is still doing.

"We believe that MOST is an exceptionally useful technology to Audi and should be propagated widely throughout the auto industry," said Dr. Willibert Schleuter, head of electronics at Audi. "We are in favour of any steps that will make complementary technologies more widely available as we see this as essential in helping to spread the adoption of MOST. Therefore Audi welcomes Harman/Becker's and SMSC's decision to license their Data Link Layer intellectual property to other semiconductor manufacturers. Due to this opening step the semiconductor industry has the chance to design optimized products enabling more competition."

Read full press release

Electronic Links International Introduces Optolock (TM) Plugless SMI Sockets
Posted September 6, 2007

Binghamton, NY - August 28, 2007 - Electronic Links International, Inc. today announces the introduction of two optical plugless connectors that provide instant termination of bare Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). The OptoLockTM plugless connectors, which support both 1394 and Fast Ethernet, take advantage of the established SMI (Small Media Interface) technology and footprint. POF (PMMA) terminates directly into the OptoLock plugless connectors, eliminating the need for a mating plug connector. Because the POF wire is simple to terminate to the plugless connector, the connection of devices in communications and infotainment networks is quick and easy.
smi   ELI’s new OptoLock connectors can support data transfer speeds of up to 125 Mbps over 100 meters of plastic optical cable, making the connectors suitable for IPTV over POF and other high bandwidth applications. ELI’s new OptoLock connectors will be on display at the POFTO booth at the 16th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers in Turin, Italy on September 10-12, 2007, and at ECOC 2007 in Berlin, Germany on
September 16-20, 2007
Download the PDF Version of the Release from ELI (PDF)

Mitsubishi International Corporation and Firecomms to Demonstrate Optical Fiber Home Network at CEDIA Expo 07
Posted August 29, 2007

CEDIA EXPO 2007 - Denver, CO - August 27, 2007 - Mitsubishi International Corporation and Firecomms today announce that the companies are collaborating to provide a live demonstration of a home network using Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) at CEDIA Expo. Shown in a living room setting to emphasize the use of POF in the home, the home network display will demonstrate the transmission of 100 Mb Ethernet content across a network entirely comprised of POF.

“POF is an established medium in industrial and automobile networks due to its high reliability in even the most rugged environments,” says Hugh Hennessy, Firecomms vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. “With data rates of up to one Gigabit, and assured quality of service to every device in the residence, POF is the most robust technology for 100 Mbps Optical Ethernet and 250 Mbps Optical FireWire in the home. These features of POF are especially advantageous for emerging IPTV implementations and other triple play services.”

Read Full Release from Firecomms (PDF)

Electronic Links International, Inc. Announces Two Optical Ethernet Media Converters
Posted August 19, 2007

Electronic Links International, Inc. today announces the introduction of two optical Ethernet Media Converters. These are based on using the already established SMI (Small Media Interface) standard and technology. These converters are capable of converting and delivering Ethernet data from copper over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). The speed of the data transfer can be up to 125 Mbps over 100 meters of Plastic Optical cable. They are suitable for IPTV over POF. The POF is the PMMA type. The interface is based on the legacy RJ45 copper port,  and the converters are compatible with IEEE 802.3u standard.

For a preview of the two products please,  visit us at the POFTO booth at the 16th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers in Turin, Italy, September 10/12, 2007 and at the ECOC07 show in Berlin, Germany, September 16/20, 2007

MOST Cooperation Presents Success Story at 13th International Conference "Electronics in Vehicles" in Baden-Baden
Posted August 1, 2007

Karlsruhe (Germany) 31st July 2007
- The MOST Cooperation, the organization through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized, will be showing its latest achievements and roadmap at the 13th International Conference "Electronics in Vehicles" on October 10th and 11th, 2007, in Baden-Baden, Germany. These achievements include advances in robustness and quality, through a compliance verification process; significant cost reductions since the technologies introduction; and technical achievements with faster data rates, new physical layers, and enhanced video distribution. The MOST Cooperation will also show where it is heading to by presenting the next generation of MOST, MOST150, with a variety of new features.

MOST Technology has now been implemented in over 45 vehicle models various carmakers. It continues its expansion with the first Asian vehicle models expected soon. Acceptance has been very fast, with many manufacturers implementing the technology throughout their product lines within two or three vehicle design cycles.

"The Congress is an ideal venue to present to the automotive public the latest designs and developments of the MOST Cooperation and its members", states Dr. Wolfgang Bott, Technical Coordinator of the MOST Cooperation. "We will have live demonstrations of MOST networks running at 50 Mbps over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) wires and the new MOST 150 speed grade running at 150 Mbps over optical fiber. The Cooperation is hard at work to bring out the next generation MOST Specification that will enable applications such as multiple HD video streams, real-time video, DTCP content protection, and the transparent transport of Ethernet data traffic. Other highlights include an established compliance test process that enhances robustness and quality as it ensures devices adhere to the MOST specifications, and optimizations in the network management and fault diagnosis functions. The demonstrations will be held in booth 25a and in room 2 and will highlight the success of our efforts to reduce cost and increasing quality by concentrating on compliance processes while in parallel advancing the technology to meet the need of tomorrow's infotainment systems."

For more information see

CEA Vision Article on MOST: Plug, Play and Drive Away
Posted July 26, 2007

CEA's Vision July/August magazine publication ( available as a free NXTBook here ) includes an article on MOST by Murray Slovick entitled "Plug, Play and Drive Away" that may be of interest to those folowing the technology and what it means for POF.

More Details Announced for POF Day and POF Symposium at ECOC 2007
Posted July 23, 2007

POF Day @ ECOC will review recent developments in POF Technology and applications by European and U.S. organizations and will be held on the ECOC exhibit floor on September 17th. POF Day @ ECOC is jointly organized by POF-AC of the University of Nuremberg , the Information Technology Society Sub Committee 5.4.1, Polymer Optical Fibers and the Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization (POFTO).

The POF Day @ ECOC on Sept. 17th will include experts, including the following confirmed presentations:

POF Market Forecast

  • P. Polishuk (POFTO): "POF Market Trends"

POF Technology

  • J. Leeb (A³PICs Electronics Development GmbH): "1.25 Gb/s-3.3 V-Receiver-OEIC"

  • D. Lutzke (Avago): "POF-Tranceiver-Family of Avago"

  • U. Fischer-Hirchert (University of Applied Sciences Harz): "POF-WDM Systems"

  • P. Mulligan (FiberFin): "POF Connectors - A Review of What's Available"

New POF Products

  • A. Nocivelli (Luceat): New Product : "Ethernet Over POF Switch"

  • S. Mannshard (Luceo Berlin): "New Product :"Bit Error Rate Tester"

The scientific program of ECOC will also includes a POF Symposium on Sept. 18th presenting invited talks of worldwide POF experts. More information can be found on the ECOC POF Symposium page.

New Molex SMI Interconnects Provide Space Saving Solutions for Compact Consumer Devices at NXTcomm 2007
Posted July 20, 2007

LISLE, Ill. – June 19, 2007 – New compact designs in consumer electronics have increased the demand for smaller interconnect solutions.
smi   To meet this need, Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA) announced a new plastic optical fiber data link solution. Based on the Molex small media interconnect “SMI”, this solution offers seamless, low cost optical data link solutions, as well as space saving qualities through its reduced size and added surface mount capabilities.
This new interconnect will be showcased at NXTcomm 2007, booth 3754.

Read Full Release from Molex

Full Program Announced For
The 16th Int'l Conference on Plastic Optical Fibers (POF 2007)

Posted July 18, 2007

ic pof banner   The members of the ICPOF and the organizing committee have updated the official confernece program for The 16th International Confernece on Plastic Optical Fibers to be held this September 10-12th in Turin, Italy, with indication of the different sessions that will be held.

The program is also being made available as a more detailed PDF download here.


POFTO & POF-AC Organizing POF Symposium at ECOC 2007
Posted June 1, 2007

ECOC 2007 will be held September 16-20, 2007 in Berlin one week after POF 2007 in Turino. POFTO and POFAC will be organizing a "POF Symposium" on Sept 17 on the ´Exhibit floor from 9:30am to 5:00pm. companies interested in making presentations should contact either Paul Polishuk of POFTO or Olaf Ziemann of POFAC.

Act Now to be Included in the 2007 POF Directory
Posted April 5, 2007

Update: New listing and advertising dealine has been extended to June 1

POFTO is planning to publish a "POF Directory" by June of 2007 and distribute to over 5,000 POF users, installers, and design engineers. Based on feedback from trade shows and other sources, one of the major problems in the application of POF is the lack of awareness of who is producing what in the POF industry. In order to improve the situation; one of the initiatives of POFTO is to develop tools such as the Directory that can be used to promote the industry.

Special rates for advertising in the Directory are being offered to POFTO members. If you are not a POFTO member, this could be a good time to join and take advantage of the POFTO discount. There is planned a directory of all POF companies and a small fee is required to be listed if you opt not to have an ad.

You do not need to have an ad as POFTO will prepare the ad for you as part of the fee.
Please fill in the downloadable form below for your ad or listing in the directory.

I hope that you will join us in helping to promote the POF industry.

POFTO Member Press releases from OFC/NFOEC
Posted March 26, 2007

Here's a run-down of the latest news from POFTO Member companies exhibiting at the OFC/NFOEC POFTO Paviliion:

  • Calsak Corporation offers stock of Mitsubishi Rayon “ESKA” plastic optic fiber for lighting / data applications. (PDF)

  • Chromis Fiberoptics, Inc. hires Dana Dutoit, VP of Sales and Marketing (PDF)

  • Electronic Links International Fast Ethernet SMI Connector passes the laser (LED) product classification (PDF)

  • FiberFin IntroducesNew Tool kit for the Avago Technologies Versatile link® connector (PDF)

  • Firecomms Announces OptoLock™, a Plugless Transceiver that Enables Cost-Effective Installations of POF (PDF)

  • Firecomms Announces the Availability of the OptoLock™ Plugless Transceiver for 1.5 mm POF (PDF)

  • Firecomms CTO to Discuss Deployment of POF for IPTV Services within the Home at OFC/NFOEC (PDF)

POF Day Symposium @ OFC/NFOEC Program Update
Updated March 23, 2007

The objective of this free one day symposium, to be held on Thursday, March 29th during the OFC/NFOEC '07 Conference at OSP/FTS Booth 3666 is to show what Plastic Optical Fiber is and what it can do. It is intended for those not familiar with POF technology and recent applications. Exhibits of POF products will be on display at the POFTO Pavilion during the exhibit.

An updated schedule follows:

11:00 - 11:30
Overview of POF Technology and Applications
Olaf Ziemann, POF-AC
11:30 - 12:00
Developments in Perfluorinated POF
Whitney White, Chromis Fiberoptics
12:00 - 12:30
40 Gbps Links using Plastic Optical Fiber
Steven Ralph, Georgia Tech
12:30 - 1:00
POF Optical Sources for IPTV
John Lambkin, Firecomms, Ltd.
1:00 - 1:30
Networking Break
1:30 - 2:00
New Tool Kit for the Versatile Link
Paul Mulligan, FiberFin
2:00 - 2:30
Plastic Clad Silica Fibers
James Clarkin, Polymicro Technologies
2:30 - 2:45
New Product Presentations (10 mins. each)
Vendors TBD
2:45 - 3:00
POFTO Goals and Objectives
Paul Polishuk, POFTO

Fast Ethernet SMI Connector Passes the Laser (LED) Product Classification IEC/EN 60825-1 (2001)
Posted February 8, 2007

Binghamton, NY - February 5, 2007 - Electronic Links International, Inc. today announces their   SMI (Small Media Interface) connector system that enables an IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet communication link over plastic optical fiber (POF) for high-speed home, office, and industrial networks has passed and is certified to be conforming to the requirements of IEC/EN 60825-1 (2001) under all operating, maintenance and foreseeable fault conditions and found to meet the accessible radiation limits (AELs) required for CLASS 1 LEAD PRODUCT.

Read Full Release from Electronic Links International (PDF)

ew SMI Adapter from Electronic Links International
Posted January 16, 2007

Binghamton, NY - January 8, 2007 - Electronic Links International, Inc. today announces the introduction of an SMI (Small Media Interface) adapter. This adapter is in addition to the SMI cable assemblies and sockets connectors already introduced. The adapter is intended to be used in communication links over plastic optical fiber (POF) for high-speed home, office, and industrial networks and other applications. Specifically used for pass thru walls, junction boxes, and panel mount. The adapter makes it possible to connect more optical cable assemblies.

Read Full Release from Electronic Links International (PDF)

New Adapter for Converting Coax Signals to 1394 Signals from Electronic Links Int'l
Posted January 2, 2007

Binghamton , NY- December 21, 2006 - Electronic Links International, Inc. today announced the introduction of an adapter capable of converting the existing coax signal to an IEEE 1394 signal. This early product is available for field trials now and production is scheduled for the middle of 2007.

Read Full Release from Electronic Links International (PDF)

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